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  • Is Assembly Work Right For You?

    Is Assembly Work Right For You?

    Do you like building things with your hands? As a child, did you have an impressively large collection of Legos? In your family, are you the one who always volunteers to assemble furniture, toys, or anything with an instruction manual? If so, you may be a natural fit for a career as a Freelance Retail Merchandiser who specializes in Assembly.

  • You're a Merchandiser. How do you prepare for your next gig?

    You're a Merchandiser. How do you prepare for your next gig?

    On this blog we talk about the many positive aspects of working as a freelance retail merchandiser. We’ve discussed the flexibility, tax benefits, and how the gig economy challenges traditional employment. But one area we haven’t covered as much is the actual day-to-day work of a freelance retail merchandiser.

  • Mastering the Planogram

    Mastering the Planogram

    For independent retail merchandisers, no two days are ever the same. Unlike your typical 9 to 5 office jobs, they are always on the move. They lend their talents to a broad range of clients in a broad range of industries. They may spend their day in a Dollar store. The next day they’re working at an apparel retailer. When there’s a retailer that needs help merchandising, you’ll find them there.

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