Big New Updates to the SFS App

Big New Updates to the SFS App

SFS Retail Merchandisers use a lot of tools to get the project done. But no single tool is as critically important as the SFS app. It’s the go-to resource for the information and tools you need to be successful.

Right now, we are happy to report that in the coming months—around late-September—we will be going live with a new update to the SFS app. From new views, to new search power, to more information in the palm of your hand, this major update will make your SFS app even more essential. Let’s take a look at what’s changing.

Radius selection helps you find open projects

Maybe the biggest update to the SFS app is our newly enhanced radius selection feature. It uses geo-targeting to help you find open projects near you. While the previous version of the app kept everything limited to a 40-mile radius, now you can set your own radius, from one to 100 miles!

This allows you to cast as wide a net as you want to find your next project. If you want something nearby, set it to a radius of just a few miles. But if you’re willing to travel a bit, you can instantly find plenty of projects, all in the palm of your hand.

New Mobile-friendly view makes viewing easier

We’ve made the SFS app even easier to access on your mobile device. Our new mobile-friendly view lets you use the app on your device, as well as through the SFS mobile device.

It also allows you to view unscheduled work orders, a feature that wasn’t available on previous versions of the app.

View open projects from home or away

For SFS merchandisers who travel, the new enhancements make it even easier to find new work. New geo-targeting functionality allows you to see open projects from your “Home” location (your home address) or your “Current” location (where you are right now).

This allows you to find more projects when you’re traveling on the road with absolute ease. In just minutes you can see all open projects near you—no matter where you are. It revolutionizes how SFS merchandisers can find new work, making it faster, easier, and far more convenient.

Letter of Authorization feature enables e-signing functionality

We have one last update which is particularly helpful for stores, #Merchandisers, and even trees. Letters of Authorization enables store managers to electronically sign off on your work at the end of service.

Instead of remembering to manually print out the five to ten pages of documentation for each visit, it can be done directly from the SFS app. This enormously convenient feature is not rolling out with the rest of the enhancements in September. Look for it sometime later in the fall.

Talk to us about the SFS App

Got any ideas for new enhancements to the SFS app? Any features you’d like to see, that would make your job easier and/or more efficient?

Please let us know. Simply go to the knowledge/forms section of your dashboard, and use the Submit your Comments section to share your suggestion. As someone who uses the app regularly, your feedback is absolutely critical. After all, it’s your app!