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Archive of: February, 2021

  • What SFS Team Members Are Saying

    What SFS Team Members Are Saying

    On this blog we talk a lot about Freelance Retail Merchandising at SFS. We’ve covered how merchandisers prepare for their next gig. We’ve touched on how to master the planogram. And we’ve analyzed how Freelance Retail Merchandising challenges the traditional employment model. We’ve also discussed the flexibility, unlimited earning potential, and the tax perks of working as your own boss. But one thing we haven’t covered is what actual SFS Retail Merchandisers have to say about their own personal experiences. That changes this month, as we relate to you what SFS team members are saying about their work.

  • Is Assembly Work Right For You?

    Is Assembly Work Right For You?

    Do you like building things with your hands? As a child, did you have an impressively large collection of Legos? In your family, are you the one who always volunteers to assemble furniture, toys, or anything with an instruction manual? If so, you may be a natural fit for a career as a Freelance Retail Merchandiser who specializes in Assembly.