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Archive of: September, 2020

  • Retail Merchandising, Defined

    Retail Merchandising, Defined

    Do you confuse your CPGs with your UPCs? Having trouble understanding the difference between a display and an endcap? And what exactly does a sidekick do, anyway?

  • The Outlook for Fall 2020: A Season of Uncertainty

    The Outlook for Fall 2020: A Season of Uncertainty

    As we transition from summer to autumn, there still remain more questions than answers for independent contractors whose livelihood depends on the gig economy. With many schools planning on starting the new school year still in remote mode—or only open for a few hours each week—how will parents who depend on the gig economy be able to work? How will a continuing COVID crisis affect the earlier projections of substantial economic growth in 2020? What can we expect for the last 4 months of 2020…and beyond? And the biggest question of all: how do independent contractors prepare for another season of unprecedented uncertainty?